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Equipped with the mind of Christ, a humble heart and professional knowledge, we are committed to our school motto: “Let the little children come to Me”. Like all other Anglican schools, we wholeheartedly embrace the mission of “Not to be served, but to serve”; with this in mind, we take care of and develop every child with love and patience, aiming to unleash their unique potential and build up good behaviours. We also try our very best to help our parents along this challenging and meaningful journey of children education.

Rev. Ip Hing Suen

Chancellor’s sharing

Jesus once compared the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed: even though the seed is the smallest of all, it grows and becomes a great tree for the birds to lodge in its branches (ref. Mark 4:30-32). I am reminded of this passage every time I meet the children of our school. They show up at school, or in church, full of energy and joy, greeting me politely and sharing with me their interesting lives. Though they are still small, like the mustard seed, they are all uniquely gifted and talented by the grace of God. Being the earliest phase of education, kindergarten is a fundamental stage in their lives; it is a place where they can experience love, be creative, experiment on things, enjoy encouragement and appreciation for them to grow confidently in every aspect of their young lives. As their characters are developed, we are hopeful that they will become good children who love God and one another, as well as good neighbours in our society.

In my many years of serving in the church, especially in the sector of education and counselling, I am deeply convinced that family and parent education is extremely important for every parent and child; that is why our school always makes it our priority. In my counselling experience, I realise that we can all be inspired and live a transformed life when we are faced with great difficulties. This encourages me to walk with every student and parent regardless of their current challenges, with prayer and love, and experience God’s blessing in their lives.

Professional and ministerial experience:

Rev. Ip received her bachelor degree from the Faculty of Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong many years ago. She continued her studies in CUHK and attained her Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and Master in Education (majoring in counselling). She also completed the professional counselling diploma programme in Hong Kong Satir Center for Human Development, focusing on personal and family counselling. Rev. Ip then worked in a secondary school and the Office of Student Affairs in CUHK respectively, where she was mainly responsible for students’ counselling. After that, she was called to study in HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College and completed two phases of clinical spiritual education programme. Upon her graduation from the theological college, Rev. Ip started serving in various positions and became an incorporated management committee in different kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. She also served as a school pastor. Currently, Rev. Ip is the head pastor of St. Mark’s Church, chancellor of St. Mark’s Church Bradbury Kindergarten, school manager and pastor of Lee Kau Yan Memorial School.


Principal:Ms. Leung Yuk Sum

Principal’s Message

Heart (Love Education)

The innocent smiles and laughter of children have given me the most satisfaction. Children at this stage are developing rapidly, they are usually indefatigable in exploring the world, having an innate desire for an endless supply of knowledge to feed their curiosity. The development of their thought helps them to deal with things along with the interaction of the environment. They are happy for meeting a lot of new friends too!


As an education team, our aspiration is to help children develop a love for school and learning. We believe that every child is unique and possesses different potentials, therefore, we stick to our ideas of “all for children, for all children” and “learning by doing”, and the creation of a fun and meaningful learning environment lines in achieving these principles. We have always been working to build children’s academic foundation and encourage them to share more, ask more, think more and create more, hoping to nurture them step by step to be “creative, determined, confident and willing to learn”.


The motto of our school is “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) We provide holistic education based on the Bible for leading children to Christ and live in the spirit of love. We look forward to working hand in hand with parents to accompany children on their pleasant learning journeys, as well as developing their correct values and positive characters side by side.


We strongly believe that as we work together and pursue continuous improvement, children can grow up in a caring, joyful and warm school environment.

Head Teacher: Ms. Wong Pui Hing

Having worked in various administrative positions at different kindergartens in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, I am equipped with some 30 years of experience both in teaching and administrative work. I am also familiar with the directions of child education in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. My experience has convinced me that Christianity is very beneficial to the growth of children.


Under the leadership of God, St. Mark’s Church reinitiated the kindergarten programme in 2012, and I had the privilege to contribute to this meaningful project. Thanks to the grace of God, we have this chance to bring our children to the gospel and share with them about Jesus and his love. May we and our children grow in wisdom, love, humility, gentleness and boldness together.

Head Teacher: Ms. Leung Ka Yan

After teaching in kindergarten for some years, I have decided to devote myself to child education. I enjoy spending time with children and embrace Jesus’ heart for nurturing children. Upon the completion of my early child education programme, I attained my bachelor degree in special education since I have a burden for students with special needs.


Under the leadership of God, I joined St. Mark’s Church Bradbury Kindergarten in 2013. In these 5 years, I have the privilege of witnessing the growth of many unique children, and experience God’s love and abundant provision in their lives. I hope I can continue to lead children to the knowledge of Christ with patience, kindness and wisdom in the future.

Head Teacher :Ms. Ma Siu Man

I have worked in the sector of child education for more than 30 years. With extensive experience in child education and related administrative work, I am familiar with the direction of development of kindergarten education. I am also passionate about developing children’s spirituality through our education.


After joining St. Mark’s Church Bradbury Kindergarten in 2014, I have led the teaching team in discussing and collaborating on our curriculum development. With my experience in creative art and programme design, we have established a holistic curriculum in which students can learn proactively and independently. We believe it is key to raise students’ learning incentive and curiosity, therefore our classes are interactive and activity-based.

Training activities

21-27/11-2020 「Help children save their English ability」
26-11-2020  Online Sharing Session of “Exploring the Kindergartens space of Kindergarten Education Project” Research Results
18-12-2020 Briefing Session on the 2020/21 Appropriation Plan of the Quality Education Fund
30-1-2021 EVI online professional training series for kindergarten teachers

How to promote children’s independent exploration ability?

4-2-2021 Introduction to the Master of Arts in Blended Learning and Teacher Leadership and School Improvement and Leadership under the New Normal
4-3-2021 Briefing Session of KeySteps@JC Parent-Child Kit 2
10-3-2021 “The Jockey Club Kindergarten Digital Competence Enhancement Project” Professional Teacher Training Workshop: Implementing a mixed learning model for teaching programs
20-3-2021 S.K.H. Joint School Teacher Development Day–Special Lecture (Free Game)
16-4-2021 Happy writing Happy reading online seminar

Topic 1: Have fun and learn to write

Topic 2: Enjoy reading and learn Chinese well

23-4-2021 The 2020-2021 Special Lectures of the Hong Kong Federation of Non-profit Kindergartens-Facing Pressure, Strong Aspirations In Adversity
18-6-2021 “Jockey Club Fun to Learn Chinese” Story Book Lecture


Teacher Training Workshop “Team Building and Spiritual Care”

Theme activity (1): board game experience



Teacher training workshop

“Team building and spiritual care”

Theme activity (2): light color painting

Theme Activity (3): Harmonious Pastel


Date Activity
23 Aug 2019 “ICAN mental health and strength” basic training
26 Aug 2019 Teachers’ workshop 2
Integration of enjoyable learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)
29 Aug 2019 Kindergarten retreat
“Teacher, will you come back?”: Movie appreciation and sharing session
20 Dec 2019 Teachers’ workshop 1
Logical thinking for teachers and children’s attitude towards science
10 Mar 2020 Teacher’s workshop 2
Logical thinking for teachers and children’s attitude towards science
19 Jun 2020 Protecting children from maltreatment and the procedural guide for multi-disciplinary co-operation
8 Jul 2020 Teachers’ workshop 3
Logical thinking for teachers and children’s attitude towards science
Date Activity
17 Aug 2018 Seeds in the classroom: teachers’ workshop for positivity
24 Aug 2018  Workshop: “Early Stage Mathematics”
29 Aug 2018 Inter-school teacher development day: Appreciation of drawing and writing in picture books
21 Jan 2019  Inter-school teacher development day: Logical thinking for teachers and children’s attitude towards science
16 Mar 2019 Anglican schools’ teacher development day: Mentoring our children

28 Mar 2019 – Class visits and closing remarks by instructors concerning the establishment of scientific attitude in kindergarten

4 Apr 2019 Integration of enjoyable learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)
15 Jul 2019 Disney Youth activity programme
Date Activity
17 Aug 2017 Teachers’ workshop: LEGO STEM education
18 Aug 2017 Helping children with social difficulty through music activities
3 Oct 2017 Site visit: Holy Trinity Centre Kindergarten & Day Nursery
3 Oct 2017  Workshop: Early stage mathematics
24 Mar 2018 Hong Kong Anglican Church Child education council: Inter-school development day
26 Mar 2018 Teachers’ workshop: Introduction to sensory integration
26 Mar 2018 Site visit: Buddhist Kam Lai Kindergarten
23 May 2018  Anglican schools’ teacher development day
22 Jun 2018 Teachers’ training workshop: word recognition

26 Aug 2016 Anglican Schools (Hung Hum, To Kwa Wan, Whampoa and Ho Man Tin) teacher development day


29 Mar – 2 Apr 2016 Taiwan Life Education Exchange Tour



11/08/2014-13/08/2014 教職員戲劇教育培訓