School Facilities
  • Situated in Ho Man Tin school district, our campus presents a peaceful and harmonious learning atmosphere which is surrounded by primary and secondary schools of good discipline.
  • As an eco-friendly school, windows are installed on both sides of the building to ensure good ventilation, abundance of natural light that creates a comfortable  learning environment for the children.
  • Children can relax and get close to nature at the outdoor platform where they can learn to cherish their surroundings. 
  • Diverse choice of physical facilities are available at our spacious indoor playground, where children can engage in physical fitness activities safely and develop their confidence as they get exposed to physical challenges.
  • A performance stage enables children to showcase their talents, creativity and confidence through recitation, drama, singing and dancing, encouraging them to seek perfection in each performance.
  • Our three-storey, 10,000-square-foot campus has 3 standard classrooms on each storey. A spacious activity area is provided outside the classrooms for children to take part in extension activities.