Bridging with primary school

Life in kindergarten and primary school can be very different for students in terms of the learning model and environment. That is why we provide regular training and different primary school bridging activities for our students to build up a positive learning attitude and habit. This arrangement aims to form a solid foundation for students to experience primary school life. On top of that, we will also hold various talks and workshops for parents to learn more about the current primary school admission system, so that parents are more prepared to help their children adapt to new learning environment and cope with new challenges.


Professional team:

Arrange visits to primary schools to enhance teachers’ understanding of the primary school curriculum and teaching model.


School adaptation activities:

In the latter stage of the semester, upper kindergarten students will be arranged to visit primary schools and attend bridging activities organised by nearby primary schools.

Simulation of primary school classes will also be arranged at our kindergarten to give students a taste of primary school life. Homework content will be adjusted, classroom setting altered and timetable rearranged.


Home-school communication:

Parent talks will be held where experts and primary school principals are invited to share about primary school life and children’s psychological adaptation.

Parents of primary school students will also be invited to share about primary school life and relevant information regarding school selection.