Curriculum Development

We design a holistic curriculum that develops our students spiritually, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically. Children’s potential can be unleashed through our inspirational teaching methods. They are encouraged and guided to learn both inside and outside their classroom.

Teaching and learning

  1. Our teachers serve as role models for children’s character development;
  2. Our teachers establish loving rapport with students and colleagues, respecting and caring for one another;
  3. Children are encouraged to praise and appreciate the wonderful creation of God through singing hymns in daily morning assembly;
  4. We immerse Christian values into our everyday classes and activities, so that students not only learn but practise the essence of life education;
  5. Children’s creativity is developed with project based learning. New knowledge is acquired in the process while experience is distilled into wisdom;
  6. A solid learning foundation is built with our programme that suits our students’ learning needs so as to ensure an easy adaptation to primary school learning;
  7. We design interesting language environments where students can learn both Chinese and English effectively;
  8. Through our parent-child reading scheme, we aim to nurture students’ interest in reading, enrich their imagination and enhance their language proficiency;
  9. Through regular training, we aim to build up students’ patience, concentration and determination;
  10. With well implemented discipline, positive character can be fostered. As a result, students will learn to be long-suffering, possessing both self-respect and self-discipline;
  11. As a part of our curriculum, we provide various site visit opportunities for children to explore the world first-hand;
  12. Students are encouraged to appreciate and enjoy a wide range of art forms through our physical, music, art, dancing, speech and writing activities.

Reading scheme

We live in a knowledge-based society where everyone – including teachers, parents and our children – must keep learning to cope with the different challenges of our times. Hence, we need to make sure our children have a strong reading habit. Through our reading scheme, we help students to “learn from reading”. Instead of “just reading”, students must be able to learn from reading in order to enhance their language communication proficiency. In the process of comprehension, students’ thinking ability is developed; meanwhile they can absorb different values and cultures. By practicing what they have learnt, alongside the culmination of experience, wisdom takes root in their lives.


  • Our 3-year curriculum, focusing on six learning aspects, namely “physicality and health”, “language”, “individual and community”, “mathematics for children”, “nature and lifestyle” and “arts and creativity”, is implemented strategically. We aim to find the balance for our students between “ethical development”, “cognitive and language development”, “physical development”, “emotional and social development” and “aesthetical development” through thematic teaching, integrated learning and educational games.
  • We keep records of observation, analysis and assessments for every child based on their development progress.
  • A “unit assessment report” is released upon the completion of each learning unit.
  • Two “complete assessment reports” and “records of observation and analysis” are released annually.