Kids in Love





Our school has participated in the Social Welfare Department-On-School Rehabilitation Service Program “Kids in Love” program provided by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council since August 2019.



1. Accompanying children’s physical and mental growth
Through the establishment of a cooperative mechanism between school social workers and the school, early attention will be paid to high-risk and complex children’s cases, and different support systems will be linked to protect the needs of children.


2. Support the education of young children’s parents
To enhance parents’ care for young children and strengthen parent-child relationship, regular publications on children’s discipline, monthly special issues, and parent education publications will be provided. We will also hold parental seminars, parent-child positive strategy courses, and preparatory workshops for primary schooling, etc.


3. Provide professional training for preschool education team
Organize school-based workshops to identify the families of high-risk children earlier, preschool education information, and publish teachers’ physical and mental publications, etc.