Support to NCS children



Targets of Supportive Services for NCS Children


1.  Support NCS Children in learning Chinese


2.  Take care of the growth needs of NCS children


3.  Promote the personal and group development of NCS children


4.  Construct an inclusive campus to help NCS children integrate into campus life




School Support


1. The earlier NCS children start to learn Chinese, the sooner they can adapt to the local curriculum and integrate into the community. Through peer interaction and games, group learning and role-playing, enhance the interest of NCS children in learning Chinese.


2. Provide teachers with professional training and information for teaching NCS children, strengthen the relationship between school and family, and build a healthy and happy campus life.


3. Non-Chinese speaking parents who need more information or assistance can call the school at 2761 3191 or email to for enquiries.




Community support


Arrange for NCS families to make good use of the services in the area and obtain information channels to enhance their sense of belonging to the community.


1. Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) has been funded by the Home Affairs Department (HAD) for providing interpretation service and multi-dimensional programmes to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.  


2. 愉快學中文(Chinese Learning Fun) APPS


3. Helping Your Children of Kindergarten Age – Parental Booklet
Versions: English , Bahasa Indonesia Nepali , Tagalog , Thai , Urdu